Domaine du Val de Vergy (Nuits-Saint-Georges - 21)


History of a region and a family of winemakers

Clinging to the hill of Vergy, on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela, historical site known for its wine history as well as religious especially with the monks of the former monastery of Saint-Vivant located upstream of the village ...

... The CHALEY family has been living there for 6 generations as Winemaker-Harvester.

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Since the 1980s, because of many plots backed by this steeped in history and classified in registered designation of origin, Maison Georges and Yves Chaley has done a lot of development work by creating, among other things, new slopes soft, dominating the village, which allowed to plant new vines, namely: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Aligoté and Pinot Beurot on places always known for denomination "Climates" with often evocative names (synonyms of landmarks or in relationship with the qualification of soils, their farms or sometimes recalling the sayings of our ancestors or also referring to anecdotes: Example "Gras-Asses"). These Climats with names that challenge, have been delimited and named for centuries.

The stubborn work of the winemakers who have constituted this heritage of thousands of plots each producing different wines, has enabled the inscription on July 4, 2015, UNESCO World Heritage. Climates of Burgundy Côtes-de-Beaune and Côtes-de-Nuits.
This territory of Burgundy is thus recognized as unique and exceptional cultural site making the recognition, the pride of a whole region.
Today, we are able to welcome you to the village, making you discover our vineyard, our wines, our hotel "Le Manasses" integrating a museum of Vine and Wine and the Domaine des Forges (ancestral property on nearly 3 hectares), its truffle and its observatory and retrospective of thirty old fruit varieties.
From here, you can climb a path leading to the Abbey of Saint-Vivant whose work is being developed.

You will also have plenty to enjoy our production and why not the Cuvée de La Tour-Saint-Denis (Reference to the old castle overlooking this plot called "The Cloupetits").
Stroller for a day, a tourist looking for authenticity, a traveler from Europe and the world. Gourmets and Fine Tasters you can be, come and meet us for a stay in our region where we will have pleasure to welcome you.

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History and portrait of the founders

Exceptional winegrowers, probably with a touch of madness associated with an ambition and strength of unequaled stamina, Georges and Yves Chaley have imposed their vision of a couple Father and Son indissociable in the service of a terroir made beautiful by the encépagement of this Mont de Vergy with the creation of 4 hectares of terrace having for grape Chardonnay Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris (known as Beurot) which took the place of Aligoté and Gamay in new plantations.

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Now this Burgundy Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits white and red is known worldwide and associated with heroic slopes overlooking the valley of Meuzin with the look of a typical mountain, typical, located at an altitude between 400 and 500 meters but especially characterized by significant slopes of the order of 30 to 40% or even 60% depending on the configuration of this hill.
Here the machine has little chance and it is to men that we owe the revitalization of stone walls and abandoned and newly created terraces.
Today these vines are a landscaped base, claimed to harvest rare wines full of finesse of elegance and harmony.

Georges Chaley was born in 1919. Curtil-Vergy his native village, he never left. With 85 years of presence and service in his vineyards, he left us at 91 by taking the path of hope.

To this day, in memory of my father, faithful to the profession and the traditions acquired, I have the pleasure to perpetuate the management of this vineyard and to continue to make you discover the wine of these terraces with exceptional soil.

Yves Chaley,
Wine grower of exception

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Their encépagements, their productions

Locality : « Les Trabuchots »

Planted in Chardonnay this terraced vineyard, creation and work of art of the House Chaley is a unique and exceptional parcel of its kind by its exposure to 180 degrees, flooded with the rising and setting sun. She is now cultivated and diligently led by Odile assisted by Daniel, our collaborators.
Thus this exceptional climate gives us each year a production of Burgundy Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits rich white, suave by its character, sparkling by its dress.

Ask to taste,
You will be surprised by this wine named
Grand Terroir of Mont de Vergy

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Locality : « Les Cloupetits »

To this day planted in Pinot Noir this parcel meaning "Petit Clos" in the 12th century, raises each year at the time of the harvest of a production of high quality.
Thus the grapes from this locality and vinified by the cellar master Yves Chaley come under the name "Burgundy Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits Rouge".
Named "Cuvée de la Tour Saint Denis".
Thus it elegantly bears the signature of this very large terroir.

Locality : “Les Rousselots”

PParcel previously named Vuide-Bourse. Today cultivated by vine growers who have lost their bursaries because of being bent to the ground to raise it to avoid erosion.
To this day, planted in Pinot Noir (small yield), this place gives us each year a production of high quality grapes during the harvest season.
After vinification, this Burgundy Hautes-Côtes-de-Red Nuits offers perfumes of violet and small red berries and bears with brilliance the name of Grand Terroir of the Val de Vergy.

Locality : “Le Clos des Tuileries”, jadis « Le-Noyer-au-Loup »

By its configuration and denomination, this parcel formerly reserved for the extraction of a clay-limestone land type white marl for the implementation of flat tiles intended to cover the roofs of the village as well as that of the former monastery of Saint- Living.
AToday, this locality planted with vines having for grape variety "Pinot Blanc" very appreciated for the development of Crémant de Bourgogne or a Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits White color linden with the perfume of honeysuckle on a minerality unparalleled due to the structure of the land where this wine originated.

Locality : “Les Larets”

Land of predilection Pinot Gris "said Beurot" this vineyard represents the pride of our field having planted this grape more than a century, having taken over the expertise of Georges Chaley helped, there was a time, by a young American named Daniel. This parcel is cultivated to date by Odile, giving him all the parameters of good behavior. The wine from this vineyard bears the name "Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes-de-Nuits Blanc". After aging on fine lees, this cuvee reveals an unequaled elegance due to the variety of its grape variety and a minerality associated with the complex aromas to be discovered.

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Les Larets

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Les Trabuchots

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Les Rousselots

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